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Past Realities


Alternate Version)

13:00 'O clock
Briefly a pan on the subject with this for me personally now only
social association
on that very day
 at this exact time
Note (as of April 14, 2023)
on this:
Words take time to mature. I finally found the right words to describe the situation at the time!!!

On this day and at this time, the meeting took place with the representative of the city of Duckburg (department “Severely disabled people at work”), the employer’s own severely disabled officer, the board of directors of the FSP association as an employer, who was in office from January 2nd, 2019, and
my own person.
A social worker that I asked to help, a person I trust and an expert on people with “mental disabilities”, unfortunately did not turn up for this meeting that day. As it turned out afterwards, he had a bicycle accident that day and therefore unfortunately did not show up for this appointment.
So where we all come together in one room,
this current board of directors, who shows up at this meeting totally sweaty, blasts out the message that one of the two servers of this association is in exactly this building where this meeting took place , was set up, was currently out of service due to a fault/technical defect that it had received that day.
I myself was a bit puzzled as to why "something like that" had led to the
"current board" showing up at this meeting totally sweaty. Had this current board of directors personally had to carry this defective server back and forth several times, or why was he apparently physically challenged by this story, which had set his sweat glands in motion???

The previous board, who retired at the end of 2018, would have only briefly commissioned the experts to repair this server and otherwise had more important things to do that would not have made them sweat at all!!!
Well, we then waited another 5 minutes to see if my specially requested social worker, a person I trust, would still appear. Unfortunately, this does not appear.
Prepared notes for myself on an A4 sheet of paper for this meeting, which was so important to me, and immediately asked to be the first to speak. This request was granted immediately.
So I open this meeting with the following question to
this current board of directors of this FSP association as an employer:
“Do you, as the current board of directors of this association, as an employer, actually know that severely disabled people should always be treated in such a way that their severe disabilities should be taken into account and that the strengths of severely disabled people should be promoted ?”

The answer from this “current board” almost knocked me out of my own shoes!!!
This current board of directors answers this question for me as follows:
the current board member, he too would often wish for something from the supervisory board that he would like to implement in this social association. However, he could not always get his own wishes approved 1 to 1 by this supervisory board or implement them.
This current board of directors as an employer had somehow misunderstood my request. I hadn't asked for anything or wished for anything. Under the old board of directors, who retired at the end of 2018, I was always able to gain the experience that precisely this behavior in this social association as an employer was always taken as a kind of self-evident and always applied in the same way, towards any severely disabled person as an employee in exactly this social FSP association as an employer!!!

Next, this current board of directors complains, addressing the city representative, department “Severely disabled people at work”, that I called him an “asshole” in an e-mail addressed to him. This current board of directors has become “a victim of an insult I formulated in writing” and dares to present itself to this city representative, precisely at this meeting, as a “victim of an insult” as well...
“Just a minute”, on that day, i.e. November 5th, 2020, I was personally psychologically and absolutely systematically destabilized from June 28th, 2019, i.e. over a very, very long period of time, because I personally, as an employee, no longer had any questions , which would have been of essential importance for my own work, had been answered by absolutely no other person in this social association as an employer, which in my case also meant constantly harping on about my greatest psychological handicap, and this current board of directors dares is it now or is it somehow necessary, at this very meeting and with this external representative of the city, to present yourself as a "
victim "...

This " seems to me, even in retrospect, to be completely absurd...

As a small interim balance, the following statement should be made:
There are board members as employers who somehow manage to be able to act responsibly towards their own employees. (Alone through honest communication!!!)
And there are board members as employers who have to play their little games with their own employees in order to somehow make ends meet...
Gretchen questiononThisis always:

Where is
more brains behind it???

Oyaaah!    Episode IV
I've already put it the same way elsewhere!
This current board of directors always likes to play their games after that
following motto:
Who is there ultimately as the
dumber there!!!
Every reader of my web presence can answer this question (
da da da ) for themselves.
I really don't make any specifications in my own thinking as to how the readers will judge "This"!!!
Sequel follows...
But here is the final sentence formulated for this meeting in particular: It really feels
like shit when you have to be able to tease a giant asshole out of yourself !!!
But sometimes there seems to be no other way
Some "
Punch and Judy " have "This " but apparently really necessary !!!

Report to a supervisory board
by email

Final report to the supervisory board of the FSP
in the Entenhausenmann-FSP matter
Own thoughts on the FSP Duckburg, November 7th, 2020

I found a rather helpless board of directors who came up with the argument "this is business practice". That was meant as a killer argument, but it only shows that you are not able or willing to work out "individual problem solutions" .
I would like to see a structure put into all the problems in the FSP, with each problem being analyzed and an individual solution being worked out for each problem.
As a rule, problems are not solved by ignoring them, but by tackling them.
There has never been so much going on at the works council as under Mr. Leipnitz.
I would like the managing director to convene a meeting with all those involved who have problems with the FSP, and the managing director to face this group of people personally, explain what he is getting at, but at the same time present solutions where there are particular hardships be cushioned by those affected.
Mr. Niedergib had the peculiarity of taking on every problem personally. That was also his strength at the same time, because he always knew where the problem was.
Mr. Leipnitz doesn't do it that way, probably due to lack of time.
It would be great if he was given
a team of consultants to help him bring structure to the current problems with the FSP and tackle the problems with planned intermediate steps. It is important to determine where we have problems at all.
The problems then have to be analyzed and solutions have to be worked out for each problem,
but you always have to try to come up with a socially balanced solution when employees are involved.

I was informed by Mr. Leipnitz that not everything that he considers reasonable can be pushed through by the Executive Board. Does the board then simply say, "You are not allowed to do it like that" or are arguments exchanged on the matter?
I had worked out something that I thought was reasonable, where I was told we do it differently, work the way you are told.
No arguments or counter-arguments were exchanged about me at all, although as a practical man I could have explained very well why my concept would have been absolutely reasonable.
Hans Entenhausenman

Bericht an ein Aufsichtsrats-
per e-Mail

Abschlussbericht an den Aufsichtsrat des FSP
in der Angelegenheit Entenhausenmann-FSP
Eigene Gedanken zum FSP       Entenhausen, 07.11.2020

Ich habe einen ziemlich hilflosen Vorstand vorgefunden, der mit dem Argument gekommen ist „Das sei betriebliche Praxis“. Das war als Totschlagargument gemeint, zeugt aber nur davon, dass man nicht in der Lage oder dazu bereit ist „individuelle Problemlösungen“ zu erarbeiten.
Ich würde mir wünschen, dass man in sämtliche Probleme des FSP eine Struktur bringt, indem jedes Problem analysiert wird und jeweils für jedes Problem eine individuelle Lösung erarbeitet wird.
In der Regel lösen sich Probleme nicht dadurch, dass man sie ignoriert, sondern dass man sie angeht.
Beim Betriebsrat war ja noch nie so viel los, wie unter Herrn Leipnitz.
Ich würde mir wünschen, dass
der Geschäftsführer da eine Versammlung mit allen Beteiligten, die da Probleme mit dem FSP haben, einberuft, und sich der Geschäftsführer persönlich dieser Personengruppe stellt, erläutert, worauf er hinaus will, aber auch gleichzeitig Lösungen präsentiert, wo besondere Härten von Betroffenen abgefedert werden.
Herr Niedergib hatte ja die Eigenart, sich jeder Problematik persönlich anzunehmen. Das war auch gleichzeitig seine Stärke, da er da immer auch wusste, wo es hakt.
Herr Leipnitz macht das nicht so, wahrscheinlich aus Zeitmangel.
Wäre toll, wenn er da
ein Berater-Team an die Seite gestellt bekommen würde, das ihm helfen würde, Struktur in die aktuellen Probleme beim FSP zu bringen und die Probleme mit eingeplanten Zwischenschritten anzugehen. Es gilt festzustellen, wo haben wir überhaupt Probleme.
Die Probleme müssen dann analysiert werden und es sind dann für jedes Problem Lösungen zu erarbeiten, wo man aber immer auch versuchen muss, wenn da Arbeitnehmer beteiligt sind, eine sozial ausgewogene Lösung zu präsentieren.

Mir wurde ja von Herrn Leipnitz mitgeteilt, dass er auch nicht alles, was er für Vernünftig hält, beim Vorstand durchgesetzt bekommt. Sagt der Vorstand dann einfach, „Sie dürfen das so nicht machen“ oder werden da in der Sache auch Argumente ausgetauscht?
Ich hatte ja was erarbeitet, was ich für vernünftig hielt, wo mir gesagt wurde, wir machen es anders, arbeiten Sie so, wie es ihnen vorgegeben wird. Man hat mit (*über) mir überhaupt keine Argumente und Gegenargumente ausgetauscht, obwohl ich als ein Mann der Praxis sehr gut hätte begründen können, warum mein Konzept absolut vernünftig gewesen wäre.
Mit freundlichem Gruß
Hans Entenhausenmann


in a letter
(Part 1)

Duckburg, December 10th, 2020
Dear Mr. Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
I want to state the most important thing first:
I ask for protection from the actions of the current board member, Mr. Leipnitz, as they have made me acutely ill, mentally and spiritually,
for the past year and a half.
Hans Entenhausenmann


in a letter
(Part 2)

Hello Mr. Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    (former head of the WLW clinic, possibly also a psychiatrist),
Is it a coincidence that you have become the chairman of the supervisory board of the FSP, as the former head of the WLW clinic, and that I,
end up with you with my request?
It's interesting to see what's happening up there on Earth.
Maybe what happened to me with Herr Leipnitz makes sense.
I myself am now much friendlier to the saleswomen at the checkout because I imagine that they have exactly the same boss as I have with Mr. Leipnitz.
I've gotten used to not believing in coincidences anymore.
But next to the worldly things.
LG Hans Entenhausenmann

‘Felt, nothing but felt!!!’
(Part 3)

Topic: Felt, nothing but felt !!!
Now to the actual wording:
Duckburg, December 10th, 2020
Hello Mr. Chairman of the Supervisory Board
(former head of the WLW clinic, possibly also a psychiatrist)

a question
(to you) about a reaction from Dr. Südklause (Psychiatrist and Member of the Supervisory Board at the FSP association).
Had informed them about what happened to me under Mr. Leipnitz.
Besides, I had sent
her the final report on the Entenhausenmann-FSP affair and the warning that I wrote for Mr. Leipnitz.
The only concern she expressed to me was whether I would get enough sleep.
When Mr. Leipnitz brought me close to suicide, as a 60% severely disabled person because of my psyche, then I asked specifically:
Was that just a trivial offense by Herr Leipnitz towards me?
Is that just allowed
for a board member of the FSP?
Should a mentally ill person not be taken seriously?
Why does
Ms. Südklause (Psychiatrist and Supervisory Board Member of the FSP) say "I shouldn't be so "opinionated" when I informed you about the text of my warning to Mr. Leipnitz.
Is that an appropriate response when
the warning says I was about to commit suicide?
Hans Entenhausenmann

°Nun ja, wegen der Nebengeräusche:
‘Wahnsinnig’ geworden zu sein!!!°


Sent on

(Part 4)

Another comment from June 15, 2023:
Always these amalgamations of offices...
Bring nothing but misfortune to those affected!
Hans Entenhausenmann
To the since shortly as
Chairman of the supervisory board of the FSP Entenhausen
Prof. Dr. Chairman of the Board
(former chief of the WLW clinic)
FSP - For Social Participation and Mental Health e.V. Duckburg
Karlweg 112
48153 Duckburg
Duckburg, December 8th, 2020 / December 9th, 2020
Dear Mr. Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
I wrote a warning for Mr. Leipnitz, who has been in office since January 1st, 2019.
Mr. Leipnitz informed me that I should send this warning to you as the person who has recently been in the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Note from 06/15/2023:
He was too cowardly to want to accept it personally.
First of all, one thing in advance:
I appeal to your smartness and creativity that
this warning does not have to end up in Mr. Leipnitz's personnel file.
If all this is of no interest to you, just read the warning and the last italicized paragraph of this letter, then you will know that I put my interests before the interests of the FSP.
I fully support the FSP association and the good things it does.
Personal note from 06/15/2023:
That was before-before-yesterday
On the other hand, I was used to being taken seriously as a person by Hannes Strassner (my contact person who had acted as my direct superior for 16 years and retired in March 2016) and also by Mr. Niedergib (retired since the beginning of 2019) as a person, if for me Changes with regard to work are pending, to be informed about them in good time and that this topic is then discussed sensibly and that it is also considered in good time what can be offered as alternative acti
In any case, that's how it went, when it was clear around 2014 that the IT laboratory would now be solely responsible for the office PCs and servers and that a large part of my former PC area would no longer apply to me. (I used to be responsible for 80% of the PCs from the support group with my supervisor, where I was also allowed to plan and carry out
a lot on my own.)
Mr. Niedergib had a personal conversation with me and offered to work as a caretaker in the youth center in Johannesallee as a replacement for the hours that were lost, which I gladly agreed to, since I learned a trade in my first apprenticeship.
Herr Leipnitz did it differently. It was already clear around June 28, 2019 that changes in the PC area were due due to the reform backlog in the FSP. Instead of informing me about it in good time, my work on the PC was assigned to me so unreasonably that I gave up the PC area myself. I was the person who was mainly affected by the planned changes in the PC area.
 (I asked the data protection officer Mr. B. and the NRW authority to check whether from mid-January until June 2020 the basic data protection was still guaranteed on the PCs where I was still responsible, the check still running.)
Dealing with me has caused me considerable psychological problems , as I can accept facts much faster than ignorance of what is going on. This got my mind spinning so much that I was close to suicide. The letter that saved my life is attached to this letter.
It was only now in December 2020 that Ms. Gerti Ganzheit confirmed what I had already suspected in June 2019, but in March 2020 I was only told: "Work as the 'board Mr. Leipnitz' instructed you to do". by my confidant Ms. Gerti Ganzheit, without further explanations.
I have attached the letter that I have sent directly to Mr. Leipnitz since June 2019, which also makes a lot of things easier for you to understand.
In September, out of a sense of self-preservation, I sent a circular to many FSP employees. I have also attached this email to this letter.
I received a legitimate
warning for this because I had named people there.
My new employment contract has been dictated to me since August 1st, 2020 with 5 hours of caretaker work according to the motto "Take it or leave it!!!". Before that, I worked 8 hours a week with a monthly salary of EUR 403.00. From August 1st, 2020 I only had 5 hours per week with a fee of EUR 239.00. No discussions were offered in advance.
In the years 2014 to 2019 I was sick an average of 2 to 3 days a year, this year 2020 I have 49 sick days because I was not properly communicated with.
In order to be able to drop the warning I wrote for Mr. Leipnitz, I would first of all wish that my warning would also be removed from my personnel file. I would also like to be taken seriously by Mr. Leipnitz as an employee of the FSP in the future and not to be treated in such a sneaky way again.
I would also like to ask (I am now free of charge from work at the FSP from January 1st, 2021 to June 30th, 2021 - at my own request and in order to get mentally and spiritually healthy again.) that you really think about how I did again I can work 8 or 9 hours a week so that I can fully cover my monthly living expenses from the fixed monthly income without subsidies from my own savings.
Every FSP employee has the right to be treated decently and fairly by Mr. Leipnitz. I hope that after the incident with me he will finally see that.
The works council has never been so busy as under Mr. Leipnitz. )
Personal note from me on this from 06/16/2023:
This works council is really a hollow nut!!!
I also had arguments with Hannes Strassner and Mr. Niedergib once, but they did not take on the dimensions of what happened with Mr. Leipnitz, but it was also about treating me fairly.
Miss Dr. Südklause (head of the WLW outpatient clinic, psychiatrist and member of the supervisory board at the FSP) accuses me of being " knowing". "No, that's my way of processing things mentally!!!", I replied. “Who needs to be protected from whom here?”
I bow to your judgement, Mr. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, but out of self-preservation I had to make it clear to Mr. Leipnitz that only fair and reasonable dealings with employees of the FSP are the means of choice, even if a reform backlog has to be worked through.
If you, Mr. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, advise me to resign from the FSP immediately and without delay, I will do so in the interest of the association.
The warning to Mr. Leipnitz would immediately become invalid if he followed this path and could then be torn up immediately.
I hope that they are clever and creative so that I don't have to go down this path, and that the warning for Mr. Leipnitz doesn't end up in his personnel file.
In the youth center I see how badly the young people arrive and how great the youth center staff are at getting these young people fit again for the rest of their lives when they leave the youth center. That's why I'd like to be able to continue working at
Yours sincerely,                                Hans Entenhausenmann
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